About Buddy

Buddy Nobriga, Candidate for Maui County Council

Aloha, my name is Buddy James Makana Aloha Nobriga. I am of native Hawaiian and Portuguese descent lucky to be born and raised on the island of Maui. I was born into a hard- working, business-minded, and faith based ‘ohana that has continued the legacy of Maui Soda & Ice Works, Ltd. and Maui’s Own Roselani Ice Cream on my father’s side and on my mother’s side I come from a family that owned one of Maui’s original Poi Factory owners with Kalo patches in Kahakuloa valley and owner/manager of Nakoa’s Catering-Kalua Pig Service from Happy Valley Maui. I graduated from St. Anthony School and decided to pursue collegiate football. I then moved to Las Vegas to further my career in the tourism and hospitality industry. I realized that I wanted to return home in 2014 with my wife and children to be a part of my
family business and raise my children on Maui.

Since I have been home for eight year’s I realized it is my kuleana as a Maui Nui kane, husband, father, son and grandson, to mālama Maui. I currently serve as the Chair of the Maui County Board of Water Supply, St. Anthony School Board and Finance Committee, Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows, Maui County Farm Bureau Finance Committee, and participated in the Mayor’s CARES ACT committee. I found through service the passion of giving back, working hard, and learning how to sustain, invest, and engage with my Maui community so that the beauty, opportunity and uniqueness of my island home is possible for future generations.  

“It’s time and it’s the pono thing to do- to be collaborative, to give back, and to kokua so that Maui will be ready for the next generation to raise their family here.  

I am inspired by our local government officials to be active, and I would like to continue their hard work to make Maui the BEST in all areas that allow our residents to prosper, live and give back for all generations. They have worked hard, now is the time for my generation to step up and take good care of our island home. I humbly seek your vote, it’s your voice that matters more than anything.”

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